zondag 5 juli 2009

B.S.A. B25 & B50 Workshop Manual 1971


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  1. This is downloaded from www.b50.org

  2. Hello Anonymous,

    Thanks for your comment, but as far as I know I downloaded the manual from Manualz.com who isn't on the web anymore.

    The file I supply is PDF 120mb size and the one on b50org.com is a CDimage NRG file from almost 600 mb.
    Other postings i did on this weblog concerning BSA B25 or B 50 and informatiom whatsoever supplied by the b50.org are named in the posting.
    Anyway, I only try to help BSA riders all over the world with free information as long as I get it for free.
    If there were more people like me who would do that this way it would be a lot easier on the world wouldn't it.

    All the best and keep the wheels rollin

  3. More fair to ad a link to where the manual comes from. No it´s not just a iso file there also the maual.