zondag 5 juli 2009

B.S.A. A7 & A 10 Owners manual - English


Oh, and thank you for not thanking me for all the work and time I spent on this blog for helping you Britbikers.
All the workshop and owners manuals I got for free, but it takes me a lot of time to make it possible for you to just collect them without any "thank you"

Keep them wheels rolling

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  1. Och Koos ik kijk haast elke dag, en ik vindt het prachtig wat je doet.
    heb de manual trouwens wel gemist van de thunderbird.
    Keep on this weblog.


  2. Putting up these Brit manuals is a great service. I just wished i had the bikes!
    Now, if you could get away with putting up a factory manual for the new bonneville, America/Speedmaster, that would be great for me!

    Thanks for all your postings "and" the pics, too.

  3. Hello anonymous,

    I can supply you the book you ask for in PDF.

    The only thing you have to do is send me your e mail adress and i'll send you the link to download.
    Sorry for the late reply, i'm not used to receive replies from people who download from my blog.
    Therefor i look now and then for reactions.

    Best wishes,



  4. Hi, nice to see someone who
    has a good feeling for the golden era of british bikes. good blog!

    I live in france and last weekend an old lady gave me an old bike from the back of her garage.
    under all the mess it seems it is a b.s.a b44 victor enduro 441cc. do you have any info? (anything would help) thanks, simon.(tongeule@gmail.com)
    p.s i like your '58 tiger cub, class.

  5. Hello tongeule@gmail.com

    BSA brochure of the 1969 models has been send to you.
    Hope you like it.

  6. Hi i m sam i m from india i restore vintage bikes with my dad.Thanks for uploading manuals

  7. Okay Sam,

    Looking for anything British Like A.J.S., Matchless, Norton, Triumph or B.S.A.?

    Kind Regards,


  8. Please send the pdf manual for BSA A7 to LCGS13@gmail.com