zondag 8 februari 2009

The Rockin' Stoopers - MAC 104 - 45 RPM

These 2 songs were written by Norbert Balicki, better known as Burt Allis & The Diggers, same style of music and same sound.

A: Wheepin' Suzy
B: Little Bopcat


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  1. Greeting Britbike,
    What classifies with the pose of the motorbike, you do not run dressed just like that? hahahaha

    The sound of Rockin' Stoopers is equal with Burt Allis but, is this good by the same person??
    I know that it was recorded by the studio of Mark Bouverie. Ace you liked of information?

    Congratulation on your finds because rare!!!! Friendship Mitch'

  2. Greeting Britbike,
    in fact, what I wanted to tell it is that there is no single case of 45T taking back the group, if you see what I want to tell.
    I know that it was played in the good years to change name but for what reasons??? I know nothing about it.
    Uninterrupted in to "me " and to make about us dream with your small wonders and still thank you.

  3. Hi Mitch,
    I do not know anything about the Rocking Stoopers, I was already thinking that the singer could be Burt Allis but I'm not sure.
    There was no picture sleeve with the record so I can't find anything on the group.
    Maybe I've got an old cataloque from MAC records and find something about other recordings.
    Can't You get in touch with Mac Bouvrie?
    Or isn't he in to music today?

    All the Best,


  4. Hi there,I played and produced these numbers at my home in Dortmund(germany)with Mac Bouvrie as second voice, cause Mac wanted to sing! Later Mac brought out another number under "Rockin´Stoopers" but I didn´t play on that one.
    Keep rockin´ and diggin´, Burt Allis