zaterdag 7 februari 2009

Burt Allis & The Diggers - Sad Hot & Rockin'

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Greeting Britbike
    Mais you are as Idiana Jones, you made finds not possible!!!!
    I swear you that still I am filled up thanks to you and once again I thank you for it.
    Best regards rock ,

  2. Okay Mitch,

    I hope you will enjoy the records of Burt Allis.
    As far as I know these 4 45 rpm's and the 3 33 rpm's are the only records he recorded.
    Somewhere I have a few other recordings from other bands who also recorded for MAC records, maybe you like them too.
    I'll see tomorrow and upload them later.

    Kind Regards,


  3. Great Great Great!!!! Thank Camrade.
    Good Luck & ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You're welcome Chema,

    Rockabilly Rules O.K.