dinsdag 20 maart 2012

Hi Friends and followers,

It has been a bit quiet lately due to lots of other things.
There's not so much news to tell but I managed to get hold of some nice Hinckley 900/1200 parts the last few months.
Last week a 650 Tiger from 1973 has been given to me as the former owner thought that it would be better.
He didn't have the time for it anymore and he knows that the bike is in good hands here.
Later on I will post a few pictures of the 650 Tiger, i still need some time for polishing.

 At the moment I can show you some pictures of the Hinckley parts i bought, any questions? Just let me know.

parts from a Sprint 900-1999

Thunderbird Sport 900 1998

Few petrol petcock knobs made by a friend from Germany

Daytona 900 parts

I think this is a nice place to store them as long as necessary

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Thanks for comment O.M.S. (rocket 68)

  2. Hey Britbiker, Do you still have this Thunderbird sadle for sale? I prefer the ridled one from a Thunderbird but they are so difficult to find. But then again the thunderbird sport original one is better looking than my Legend sadle. If not do you know anyone who as one?
    Kind regards, Tomas

  3. Hi Tomas,

    Sorry about the delay.
    Thanks for looking, actually this saddle/seat is for a Thunderbird Sport, this one is for both rider and passenger.
    Actually the saddle is not for sale, sometimes you'll find one on Ebay in the UK.
    You might find one on this site: http://www.thunderbird-sport.de

    I'm a member of this group and sometimes someone is in need of money and is willing to sell it or swap for some other parts.

    As far as i know about the single sport seat for the Thunderbird Sport, maybe with lots of luck you'll find one at Ebay but prices are high.

    Here's a link for a Re manufactured one:
    Read well, i think you should pay extra if you want he right color