dinsdag 16 maart 2010

Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers - Put On Your Rockin' Shoes - 1972

01 Kiss me Baby
02 Rock Little Sister
03 Hello, Hello
04 Don't You Ever Change
05 Motor Man
06 Oh, Pretty Baby
07 Rockin' Mama
08 Struggle For Life
09 Every Night I'm Lonely
10 Don't Knock Me Out
11 Ride Little Annie
12 Lucille


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  1. DO you have any idea who these guys were?
    I have an Lp by them and often wondered who they were and what their story was.

  2. Yes I do Bodgie Bob, do you have the album called "It's A Monster"?
    I can send you the downloadlink if you like.

    I do have a few albums and some 45 rpm's of them, they come from Holland and had a lot of fans during those days.


  3. The last album of the group was actually called 'meet the monsters'and was not representable of the music they used to play.
    They started off as a Rock band called Moan in the middle of the 60's. The band constisted out of Arts students. As a joke, they performed as a rock'n'roll band, playing covers of wellknown songs which made them well known in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Way to get extra publicity, they faked news items about the bands drugs use, car races, fights etc.
    Probably best know for their song Do You Remember, which was release in '77 and reached nr one in most hitparades in Europe.
    The singer Arnie Treffers, died in 1995 from cancer.
    For a complete overview of their albums and singles: http://www.poparchief-arnhem.nl/show_albums.php?id=58&album_id=175

  4. Hello Anonymous,

    I know the story but thanks for the info.

    Thinking and talking about him being ill makes me feel sad, the day I read the magazine about him passing away I also read that he lived in my neighbourhood, 5 kilometers from the place were I live and never knew about that.
    The last period of his life he decided to stay at his brothers home.
    I never met him, in those days I never had the opportunity to meet him as I was to young to go to gigs, still feeling sorry about that

  5. Yeah, It's A Monster is the LP I own. I appreciate you putting it up. I see they have a web site too. Thanks

  6. This brings back my youth, fine band
    The memory & the music will live forever